Vaccinations are mandatory to stay at The Little Warrens.

Rabbits require 2 seperate vaccinations:

  • Nobivac myxo/rhd - which provides protection against myxomatosis and vhd
  • vhd2 - which provides protection against a second different strain of vhd (not covered by the original myxo/rhd vaccine)

Vaccination is the only way to provide your rabbit with immunity to these deadly diseases and give them the opportunity to fight the disease if contracted and stand a fighting chance of recovery, without which they will surely die.

What people say...

"Hello everyone my name is George and I wanted to say a big thank you to Jo and her helper Owen for looking after me when my family go on holiday. I go to Jo's about 3 times each year and get very well looked after. Jo makes sure I am safe and well. I am a house bunny so used to the finer things in life like snoozing on the lounge rug and getting lots of human attention. Jo makes sure I have lots of hay and that my kennel is snug and warm and gives me lots of company. If you are considering bunny boarding for your holidays you can do no better than Little Warrens. I definitely recommend it!"
- George the bunny